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Rate Limits


Rate limits are enforced for all third-party applications and services. This document is an overview of the rate limits themselves, as well as how they are enforced and best practices for handling the errors returned when a rate limit is reached.

V2 Rate Limits#

Third-party application rate limits depend on your API key. By default, requests are limited to 20,000/day. If you need a higher rate limit, feel free to contact me via Discord or email and we can discuss.

If you aren’t using an API key, you are rate limited to 1000 requests a day, and a maxium of 30 per minute.

V1 (Deprecated) Rate Limits#

Third-party applications are currently throttled to 30 requests per minute. As this API continues to age, the rate limits may be updated to provide better performance to users


As previously mentioned, the primary goal is to provide a responsive interface for developers and users to use when accessing the Pokémon TCG data. Since each request made to the API incurs a computational cost, it’s in the best interest of both the Pokémon TCG API and its developer partners that these costs be minimized to the greatest degree possible.

Rate limiting also helps third-party developers by encouraging them to build their integrations to make economical use of API requests.

By donating to this API via Patreon or Kofi, you can help ensure that the server performance will meet your application needs.