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V1 to V2 Migration

Version 2 of this API has quite a few differences:


  • Support for more advanced queries with more operators
  • New q parameter for performing queries. Individual fields are no longer used as query string parameters. Look at the /cards endpoint documentation for more details.
  • API Keys now accepted to get access to better rate limits (and the potential to be changed on a per user basis). Provide API keys via the X-Api-Key header. Signup for an API Key at If you encounter issues, feel free to contact me at [email protected] or on Discord.

Card JSON Response Changes#

  • subtype is now subtypes (array of strings)
  • ability is now abilities to support cards with multiple abilities
  • nationalPokedexNumber is now nationalPokedexNumbers to support cards that feature more than one pokemon on them (like TAG TEAM)
  • imageUrl and imageUrlHiRes have been replaced by an images section which currently has small and large fields on it. This could potentially hold other art like unlimited versions, etc.
  • legalities has been added to each card. Every card will now specify what format it is legal or banned in. If the legality does not exist on a given card, that means it is simply not a legal card for that format. {"standard": "Banned", "expanded": "Legal", "unlimited": "Legal"}
  • set info is now embedded in a card, instead of having a setCode and a set (name) field.
  • Pagination info is now included in the body of response versus the headers. You can access the page, pageSize, count and totalCount from here.
  • ALL card/set response bodies will be inside a data element in the response body, versus sets or cards. It will now always be data (same with other endpoints like /subtypes).
  • text is now rules. In a similar manner to text, rules contains any rule information on a given card.
  • tcgplayer contains pricing information from TCGPlayer, and the URL to the page to purchase the card.
  • legalities is a new field specifying the legality of a card in Standard, Expanded, Or legal. If a legality does not exist on a given card, that means it is simply not a legal card for that format (different from banned.) If Legal or Banned, it will be specified.
  • flavorText contains the flavor text for a card.
  • evolvesTo is an array of strings for which pokemon the card evolves to

Set JSON Response Changes#

  • legalities has replaced all legality info, similar to the card response. standardLegal and expandedLegal fields have been removed.
  • printedTotal is the total shown on a card. This replaces totalCards.
  • total is the printed total PLUS the additional secret rares or any other card actually part of this set
  • images is a new field that contains a symbol and logo. This replaces the symbolUrl and logoUrl fields.

General Updates#

ALL endpoints that return data all have their data in a data field, versus having a cards or sets or subtypes field.

Data Changes#

BREAKING - Aquapolis and Skyridge H1-H32 cards have new IDs. The new IDs follow the expected pattern of {set id}-{card number}. Examples include ecard2-H1, ecard3-H32, etc.

Full rebuild - Every single set has been rebuilt with tons of updates ranging from typos, to missing attacks, to simply incorrect data.