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Search sets

Search for one or many sets given a search query.

HTTP Request#


URL Parameters#


Body Parameters#


Query Parameters#

All query parameters are optional.

ParameterDescriptionDefault Value
qThe search query. Examples can be found below.
pageThe page of data to access.1
pageSizeThe maximum amount of cards to return.250 (max of 250)
orderByThe field(s) to order the results by. Examples can be found below.
selectA comma delimited list of fields to return in the response (ex. ?select=id,name). By default, all fields are returned if this query parameter is not used.

Look at the /cards endpoint for more details on the advanced query syntax.

Code Samples#

# Get all sets
sets = Set.all()
# Filter sets
sets = Set.where(q='legailities.standard:legal')
# Get a specific page of data
sets = Set.where(page=2, pageSize=10)

Sample Response#

"data": [
"id": "base1",
"name": "Base",
"series": "Base",
"printedTotal": 102,
"total": 102,
"legalities": {
"unlimited": "Legal"
"ptcgoCode": "BS",
"releaseDate": "1999/01/09",
"updatedAt": "2020/08/14 09:35:00",
"images": {
"symbol": "",
"logo": ""
"page": 1,
"pageSize": 250,
"count": 123,
"totalCount": 123