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Get a set

Fetch the details of a single set.

HTTP Request#


URL Parameters#

idThe Id of the set

Body Parameters#


Query Parameters#

ParameterDescriptionDefault Value
selectA comma delimited list of fields to return in the response (ex. ?select=id,name). By default, all fields are returned if this query parameter is not used.

Code Samples#

card = Set.find('swsh1')

Sample Response#

"data": {
"id": "swsh1",
"name": "Sword & Shield",
"series": "Sword & Shield",
"printedTotal": 202,
"total": 216,
"legalities": {
"unlimited": "Legal",
"standard": "Legal",
"expanded": "Legal"
"ptcgoCode": "SSH",
"releaseDate": "2020/02/07",
"updatedAt": "2020/08/14 09:35:00",
"images": {
"symbol": "",
"logo": ""